Characteristics and effects of visceral fat and how to handle

Characteristics and effects of visceral fat and how to handle

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A type of fat, called visceral fat, which increases the production of stress hormones cortisol, cytokine, and inflammatory substances can adversely affect the body’s insulin production. The result is not only overweight or obesity in general but also, increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.




We easily recognize the existence of abdominal fat, waist, and buttocks. Especially in the abdominal area, the braided appearance of visceral fat is the reason why people are not fat, but still loud and waists of some diseases such as relying on only new fat ones.

The article will focus on visceral fat (the most dangerous kind of fat) and its harmful effects on the body. compiled and given the characteristics of the type of fat including visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, brown fat, white fat.

I.visceral fat and Fat

1. Open organs

this is the amount of fat surrounding the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas and wool both in the muscles. This is also the cause of inflammatory bowel disease and dangerous as vascular inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, and stroke. In some other studies show that visceral fat also affect feelings by increasing the stress hormone cortisol and endorphins reduce fine.

Visceral fat is the study is the largest contributor to the insulin resistance – increases the risk of diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular team and all the metabolic disorders. Excess fat and can not be converted into energy and the accumulation of other fatty tissue. Subjects at risk of infection are the most visceral fat sedentary workers and the elderly.

Moreover, visceral fat also invades the space inside the body, compressing the functioning of the internal organs.

There is another issue related to the biological characteristics of each gender body:
That woman tends to store fat below the skin more. While men tend to store fat more visceral.

This is why men drink heavily often have a huge belly and round the front stretch. You think it’s something inside? Does the air, or the stomach and intestines grow by eating more loudly?




answer: Inside it is very very very much visceral fat.

The reduction in visceral fat will reduce the “fertile” your waistline. Maybe you’ve heard: “Round the bigger belly, will increasingly short life cycle”? Yes, Reduces visceral fat also means a reduction of cardiovascular related diseases, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, cholesterol, diabetes .v.v.

When do we need to recognize in order to reduce the amount of visceral fat? That’s when you realize the man’s waist> 90 cm, and the waist of women> 85 cm is typical of the “visceral obesity”.Da you ever wondered: “Why is the same height and weight, a slim and slender, the other suffering and stout some will not? “

the answer lies in the explanation above, then !!

2. Open subcutaneous




simply a layer of fat under the skin, they are not necessarily bad, at least, compared with the internal fat only do you gain weight more and more alone

II. White fat




The work of white fat is where to store excess energy and is the birthplace of the first hormone adiponectin hormone that’s good. Adiponectin helps muscle and liver cells more sensitive to the hormone insulin. Insulin is like the ship transporting energy to the muscles and liver. Ie the ability to put energy into the liver and muscles better.

But when the body excess white fat, adiponectin production processes slow down or stop completely. This situation pushed to the inert muscle to insulin, energy can not reach a destination. Put us to the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

III. Brown fat




Brown fat is known for a long time, the early 18th century, it was described as the type of fat in between the shoulder blades, the back of mammals, rodents like ground squirrels. This fat called brown fat because it contains mitochondria, which contain iron to make up brown. Brown fat causes fat to be considered special because instead accumulate in the body, fat-burning brown fat to generate heat.

Very few people know about the existence of brown fat, they are not the usual type of fat as we thought. The scientists found that in lean people have more brown fat in people who are overweight. If stimulated properly, they help burn white fat – burn extra calories.

For years, scientists had assumed that only animals such as bears, animals hibernate, ground squirrels are brown fat in the body, which does not exist in the human body. However, scientists recently discovered that the shoulder blade area of infant and supraclavicular region of adults. In cold environments, the brown fat is activated to burn fat to generate heat.

Each adult body can have tens kg of white fat, but only from 67-85g brown fat.

The main function of thermal burns fat, brown fat may help improve weight loss. When increasing the amount of brown fat at around 50 grams, roughly 3-6 times the amount of capital, will be able to help you lose weight. That is the goal towards scientists to create more brown fat to combat weight gain and obesity in the developed world

But despite finding matter, then this is not the optimal solution, and nothing can replace a healthy diet and reasonable exercise routine.

IV.Solutions for high-fat, want to lose weight

Our body is composed of four elements: bone, muscle, water and fat. In it, fat is the main factor causing the body we are not neat. So to have a nice body, we are an important factor to consider is to reduce fat, particularly visceral fat.

Reduce the amount of fat in the body by increasing resolution and transformation of adipose tissue into muscle mass, your body toned and neat. So in the process of reducing excess fat, can only reduce your weight or less slowly, but will slim body thanks to the regeneration of muscle mass from excess fat.

Scientific research has proven the effectiveness of the mechanisms of action to promote the decomposition of fat in general and, in particular, visceral fat is: Promoting growth hormone (HGH) resolution body fat while resting.

Reducing fat is not synonymous with weight loss, but the tissue regeneration, firming your body, help you stay healthy. With the aim to have a nice body and good health, weight loss becomes significant and evaluate the effectiveness of the method implemented in a smart way.

Gradually reduce visceral fat, the body gradually slim and healthy!

Try to exercise intensity in line with the health of at least 30p per day for weight control.

With daily diet, take diet foods containing complex carbohydrates (slow digestive tract), fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein. Minimize simple sugars from soft drinks, sugar, syrup. Replace saturated fats with canned food, instant noodles, fast food fats with polyunsaturated.

Step 1: Purification of body

Whether you are involved in any diet or health improvements are not significant if you do not eliminate all of the waste and the accumulation of toxic residual fraction from the previous eating habits in Digestive.

Step 2: Adding probiotics

After you purify the body with a 15 Day Cleanse, you should supplement Probiotics beneficial bacteria to the intestinal system works in the best way.

Step 3: Enhance Resolution fat into muscle mass

Perfect Shape – Enhanced growth hormone (HGH) in a natural way, enhance fat burning and tissue regeneration even during sleep.

Let the beauty path parallel to the path of protecting your health!

Nobody can force you to change unless the change your thinking.

You remember the famous saying; “The life cycle is shortened when elongated waistline.”

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